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Landowners can depend on our approach to deliver the best value solution for a portion of their land. Whether you already own and operate a wind turbine, have commenced the process or are just at the stage of thinking about it, we may be able to offer you an attractive financial package.


NZNI takes all the risk, does all the work, can offer you a new and secure income stream and will not interfere with your farming operations. We are locally owned near Belfast and locally funded. The NZNI offer represents a win-win opportunity for landowners.

Wind turbines - the perfect partnership with NZNI and you!

At NZNI we offer all mid-range wind turbines, we are also experienced in the sale, installation and maintenance of wind turbines.


The turbines go back more than 30 years although turbines have been continually updated and improved to ensure the best possible performance and efficiency from modern components. We ensure that our wind turbines also deliver the optimal energy production and reliable operation.


For landowners who wish to own and operate a wind turbine, we offer a simple solution with delivery, assembly and installation of a wind turbine as a complete package.

Wind turbines will have a major role to play as Northern Ireland has committed to generate local energy needs from renewable sources. NZNI is offering farmers and landowners a unique opportunity to play their part in making this happen.


The deal on offer is a very simple one, you lease the site for an agreed annual fee; we do everything else. NZNI brings a fresh new concept to medium scale renewable power generation. With the most efficient wind turbine technology we are dedicated to making the most of our natural resources

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